How the Fear of Rejection Stops You from Getting Women

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Imagine being able to approach any woman you see or encounter during the day. An average man passes by and sees tens of attractive women every day. Many of them might become his potential sexual and romantic partners.

But how many of them does he (or in fact – YOU) gets to actually meet? For almost any guy, the answer is ZERO.

What prevents you from approaching these beautiful women, and what can you do about it? This is exactly the topic of this post.

What Stops You from Approaching?


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Almost any man in the world is familiar with this fear – “the fear of approach”. This fear is what makes you freeze and prevents you from approaching the women that you want. In fact, the more you like the girl – the harder it is for you to take to her.

What causes this fear? The fear of approach is a combination of several fears and anxieties. One of them is called “social phobia”. Social phobia is the fear of talking to unknown to us people.

Another fear is the fear of “what will others think of me”. When you approach a girl, usually there are other people around you. As humans, we’re always concerned about what other think of us, and therefore this prevents us from doing “unusual” actions.

The third type of fear that I want to mention is the fear of rejection. This fear has much to do with our masculine ego – men are simply afraid of being rejected by women. Hearing her say “no”, or “I’m sorry – not interested” or even worse – ignoring you.

Neutralize this fear of rejection – and you will feel that approaching girls will become easier. But how can you do this?

Stop Fearing of Rejection

I’ve heard of many methods and tips to reduce and get rid of the fear of rejection. The one that worked best for me, and I hope for you too, is to change the mindset.

Hearing the “No” from a girl, being rejected, getting the angry face of “don’t talk to me” – it is a failure. It’s a great success.

The more you get rejected by women, the better your skills will be, and the easier it will be for you to succeed on the next time.

When you think about your goals in picking up women, getting rejected is one of them.

When I approach a girl, I want to be rejected. I want her to give the worst reaction possible. Why? Because otherwise I wouldn’t overcome the fear, and because it will eventually get me more success.

This technique is especially useful when you go out to bars or clubs: don’t have a goal of getting phone numbers or talking to women. You goal (at least as a “beginner”) is to get rejected.

Get Used to Approaching Girls

Men today are not used to talking to new women. You rarely starting talking to a random girl you see, right?

If you want to get successful with women, and to really be able to choose the girls that you want to be with – you should get used to approaching girls, on a daily basis.

The most effective way to do this is by making it your habit. Get a habit of approaching girls. Personally, I have this “golden rule”, that I can never break – I MUST approach at least 1 girl every day. No matter how sick I am or how busy it is at work – I must start a conversation with at least one girl every day.

And what about you – I suppose that a good idea will be to adopt such a rule to your life as well. What do you think?

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